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first series of meditation paintings – 2/17/09

February 18, 2009

these are the first series of meditation paintings I’ve done.  for my second session with bodyworker Golden Flux, he had the idea to create paintings with the intention of releasing energy from my body.  we meditated for ten minutes, gradually focusing on tension that seemed to stay with the body. when we began painting, the idea was to think of the tension or area of the body that was feeling discomfort. for me, I have an area under my left shoulder that is a place of great tension and packed energy.  that was the area I was thinking of as I made these.  the last two were done after the suggestion of using a blindfold.  the idea being to not be connected to the imagery I’m creating, and have it purely be a release of energy from my body to the brush.  I found these last two to be very interesting.  this process has inspired me to continue creating meditation paintings.  I think this process could also help me undo a creative block in my life, to create a flow of ‘doing’, as opposed to having so much weight to what the end result will be.  In fact these are probably some of the first paintings I’ve done where the intention is to release energy, not make something that’s pretty or impressive.

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