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Meditation/Intention/Energy Release Paintings – Session 3 – 2/23/09

February 28, 2009

These are the 3rd installment of my new approach to Painting Exercises.  As in the previous sessions, I spent an amount of time relaxing, listening to my body, paying attention to tension.  And I had two types of reactions.  The first was to quickly paint the images that came to me when I felt a massive knot, or “vortex” in my left shoulder area.  The second, was to let out tension or energy in relation to that same spot.  When doing a painting focusing on letting out energy, I usually close my eyes, to further let the results be what they are.  I’m finding it increasingly interesting that some of the images I’m making when visualizing my vortex, look very similar to circular shapes in paintings I’ve been making for years.  I’m in the process of saying hello to my pain, and working toward releasing my knot, or “vortex” as it’s been called.

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