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Meditation/Intention Painting – Session #11 : 3/31/09

April 8, 2009

I really like these paintings. These are the first set of paintings created by Golden Flux and I. They were created with the process of laying three sheets of paper on a table. We both started on different sheets and kept rotating time on each piece. The idea was to have the intention of making art with idea of not holding on to an image or mark you liked, because in an instant the next painter might paint over what you just put down. During the process all three of the original paintings changed from looking interesting, to looking bad. We got to a certain point where the original three paintings looked good, and we thought we were done painting, and I had the idea to do “prints” off them with fresh paper. We did this to all three, and then went back into the prints with more painting and mark making. This was a cool process, and another instance where I enjoyed making art with someone else. We carried out the idea of having intention of making art and letting go of it looking good, and in turn created a nice batch of interesting images.

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