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Meditation/Intention Paintings – Session #12 – First Outdoor Bodywork/Painting Session

April 11, 2009

These paintings were made during our first bodywork/painting session outdoors. This was the second time we’ve created a series of paintings together. The session took place in Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA. It was such a great experience. One, to get bodywork done while lying under massive Eucalyptus trees. Two, to set up a painting session with such a free process while outside listening to birds and feeling the wind. We set up paper on 5 separate picnic tables and had a paint table set up in the middle of them. We both worked on all the paintings, adding to, painting over, taking blank paper and making prints. In one case, I printed with the same paper on 3 different paintings. At one point I took some Eucalyptus bark that was on the ground, put some paint on the end of it and was whacking it against the paper. It was a fun time. We were in a very open space, and it was a very open process. No pressure to make something amazing or important. I think now Michael wants to put together some outdoor bodywork/painting group workshops. Here are a few photos of the area we did our session. In part we took photos for possible promotion for future workshops. So at one point I thought I should put the camera on a timer on the table to capture bodywork in progress, catching a funny moment where it looks like he’s twisting my arm off!

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