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Time-Lapse Painting #4 (Inner-Strength)

June 30, 2009

This painting was made on my 2-year sobriety birthday from marijuana. Also the 2-year anniversary of my dad passing. When I started it, I thought of how sobriety has given me many things, one of which is the ability to listen and feel my inner strength in a way I’ve been missing for quite awhile.  So when I started the painting I was thinking of my inner strength.

I’m really enjoying watching these videos.  It’s very interesting to see my painting process.  And also interesting what happens in these new type of Meditation Paintings, because I’ve focusing on one at a time, as opposed to working of a batch during the session, alternating between them as they progress.  Especially with it being filmed, I’m concentrated on the one painting for about a half hour.  I hope to continue making these.  To learn more about what I call “Meditation Paintings”, please view older posts on my blog to see the evolution of the process.

Speaking of evolution, today my friend and bodyworker Michael Saporita (a.k.a. Golden Flux) and three of his friends(one of which is visiting from out of town) are going to go to the same spot in Tilden Park Michael and I have done two other bodywork/painting sessions at.  We’ve bought special supplies including some very large sheets of paper which have been gessoed.  And just as in our past sessions, we will all be working on the same paintings together.  So for the first time I’ll be making paintings with 4 other people.  It should be really fun.  I’ll try and take some photos of the process and post them up here tomorrow.

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  1. dan permalink
    July 1, 2009 4:04 am

    I’m loving these!


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