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Meditation/Intention Painting Session #24 : 6/24/09

July 3, 2009

These were the paintings made from my first session of making “Time-Lapse Painting Videos”.  This was a very cool process.  I’ve made 4 videos so far, 3 of which came from this session.  You can view them on My YouTube Channel or a couple posts below this one.  It was interesting with these, because usually when I’m making several paintings in a session, I’ll work on them simultaneously, where as with these, I worked on each for roughly 30 minutes until they were “done” and then went on to the next.  All of these were done with the process of meditating first, and having the intention of the “doing”, as opposed to the preconceived notion that they had to be something of importance.  I’m loving the fact that I’m making art that I like in such a loose and quick fashion.  Some of these have just as much impact on me than paintings I’ve spent 20 hours on.  I’ve been wanting for years to be able to leave a painting “done” when it’s still loose and fresh, and now I’m finally starting to do that.  It feels good.  med24_1MedPnt24_2MedPnt24_3

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