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Group Painting Session #2 : 7/28/09

August 1, 2009

As with the post below this one, this was a Group Painting Session.  When my friend Michael and I first began painting together we wanted to develop bodywork/painting workshops.  This was our second attempt at putting together a group of people to create art together.  This time the group was Eli, Michael, Adam and I.  The sun was out quite a bit more than the first one, which I think effected the vibe a bit.  We also worked on several long pieces of paper as opposed to the really big piece in the first session.  It is a really cool experience to be out in nature, under the sun, making art with a group of people.  Especially when we are all there to have fun and enjoy ourselves.  As with the first session, our idea was to experience the process and work together, and not worry about what the end result would be.  We began the session by doing a short meditation on the idea that we were all able to be there together, in the beautiful park, and let go of anxiety from the day and worries of the future, and just paint.  It’s very therapeutic to find yourself relaxed in a creative process in nature with other people.  I hope we can continue these sessions on a regular basis.

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  1. dan cooney permalink
    August 30, 2009 7:26 pm

    these are great.

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