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Meditation/Intention Painting Session #31: 11/23/09

November 24, 2009

I’ve been wanting to make some paintings where the main imagery is black, with bright colors underneath. I wanted to take the type of imagery I make when I doodle and keep that simplicity of form in a painting. So these are my first attempt at that style.  I like the immediacy of making a simple image when I spend 10 minutes drawing a doodle.  I’m attempting to blend the doodling with my meditation/intention painting process to further develop the idea of creating art (and music for that matter) in a way where I’m not getting caught up in thinking, I’m just doing.  I spend enough time thinking and stressing about such random things in my daily life, that I’m trying to take that element out of my creative endeavors.

Below each painting is a brief description of the thoughts that come when I look at each image.  If you are interested in purchasing these images as prints, on greeting cards, or as posters, please go to my RedBubble site.  If you are interested in purchasing the original paintings, please go to my Etsy Shop.  Thanks for your interest and finding my ArtBlog.

Spirit Fire

“Spirit Fire” is the energy I feel when I connect with my spirit. I’d like to say this is a continual sensation, but I feel I’m always cultivating a better relationship with my spirit. When I was a child I felt more continually connected to my spirit. When I let my mind calm down I can connect with my spirit. Most times when I make music or art, I connect with my spirit. The “Spirit Fire” is that feeling that comes over me when I know I am connected to my spirit and am able to see clearly my path.

Cyclical Strength

“Cyclical Strength” refers to the strength from experience. From learning lessons and repeating processes and actions. The strength that comes from living both the ups and downs of this life. And to know that we are meant to accept suffering as well as embrace joy. And to keep in mind that all things are cyclical, and when I feel unstable or confused at a point in my life or day, that all things come around and at that moment I may be confused or unfocused, but soon things will circle around and those feelings will soon pass.

A Part of Everything

“A Part of Everything” is a reminder that we are both individual and also a part of the whole. Today it means to me that in the bigger picture, my life is a wonderful contribution to the whole. That whatever woes I have today are very tiny in the bigger picture.

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