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The healing powers of my friend “Golden Flux” (a.k.a. Michael Saporita): Meditation/Intention Paintings Session 32 : 12/16/09

December 21, 2009

Over the past 10 months, I have completed 32 meditation/intention painting sessions, where the idea is to sit for a while and listen to myself, and give myself an opportunity to become aware distraction or possible pain or tension.  When I first began these sessions, I would paint with the idea of releasing this tension, or visualizing the pain or distraction and painting imagery that represented it.  Now, after 32 sessions, the focus has become more on giving myself a time to completely focus on making art free of expectation.  To not just jump in and begin painting, distracted and unfocused.  Not to say that meditating for a moment prevents me from being distracted or unfocused, but I’m attempting to at least center my energies and relax the idea that I have to be somewhere else, or need to be accomplishing something else other then allowing myself to create art for an amount of time.  And over these 10 months, I have increasingly enjoyed the process of establishing a new behavior of allowing the art to be created without the idea of expectation, and allowing myself to simply enjoy the process.  Though I notice I still have moments where I wonder, “where are these heading…….am I going to like these when I’m done?”.  And that’s alright, after at least a decade of constantly thinking the paintings I’m working on aren’t going to come around and develop into something I’m going to appreciate in the end, simply trying to open up my process into a more enjoyable one, and allowing myself to become immersed in painting, rather than thinking of the end result, is a welcomed change in my usual art making process.  I’ve made great strides in changing my enjoyment of art making in these last 10 months, and that’s the important thing, to enjoy the process.

These sessions began when I started going to Golden Flux, a.k.a. Michael Saporita.  I first met Michael when my girlfriend Marisa and I went to the Berkeley Sauna last December right before we both went home for Christmas.  We went in for a little treat of a massage and hot tub soaking.  This massage was like no other I had before.  I learned later that any massage I had before was a Swedish style massage, where they dowse you with oil and your naked.  It feels great, but after working with Michael over the past year, I’ve realized the power of Asian bodywork.  He does Tui Na, Acupressure, and many other styles of healing.  When I went to him at the Berkeley Sauna, I didn’t think much of it.  I had had a handful of massages before, and knew I was in for a treat.  But about halfway through the session, I realized something was quite different with this person.  I was feeling for the first time in my life that I was experiencing the power of a true healer.  At the end of the session, I was truly blown away.  I felt truly altered.  Way different than any other massage session I had before.

A few weeks after that, I was talking with Marisa, and I really wanted to figure out why I have been struggling with being overweight.  And what to do about this massive tension in the left, upper-side of my back.  Just having this general sense that I had a lot of stuck energy, and wanting to get to the bottom of it.  So I called Michael up, and asked if I could start doing some sessions with him as part of his private practice.

I believe on our third session, after finding out we were both artists, we began our first meditation/intention painting session.  He had been wanting to start developing a process that combined bodywork, meditation, and the creative process.  So these sessions started to become quite long.  He didn’t charge me more than his normal session for bodywork, because he too was at the same time developing this process and learning from my interaction with it.  So what started out with the two of us, has now become my main process for working on my art.  Not that I have a bodywork session before I start painting, but the idea of focusing my energy so that I am channeling into my art, and beginning to feel less scattered.  If you go through the past 70 posts on my Artblog here, you will see that we’ve had several sessions with the two of us painting together, and also several group painting sessions that have been quite remarkable to be a part of.

Michael recently started his Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine this fall, so our bodywork/painting sessions have been put on hold for the most part.  But I’m really happy that I’ve met him and that along with doing this work with my body and working on healing, we’ve developed a friendship that I am grateful for.  It’s a wonderful thing to have a friend who is a true healer, and spiritual comrade.  I highly recommend him for bodywork if you are in need of having someone help you.  If you’re interested you can email him at:, or call at 267-679-6047.

So, the other day Michael called and offered a free bodywork session for Christmas and I felt that in the spirit of our work together and our friendship, I would also offer a gift and make a painting for him.  So I worked on three in the same session and gave him one of the three, “New Growth/New Ideas”.

All three paintings are available in various printed formats on My RedBubble Site.

The bottom two pieces were purchased by the almighty Dave Mason.

New Growth/New Ideas

Settling Down

In This Together

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