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Daily Biscuit #2 : Leaving Town

January 17, 2010

This is a little doodle I did in marker and colored pencil.  My girlfriend Marisa, who works at Transfair USA (the company in the U.S. that certifies Fair Trade products), wanted to go in today (a Sunday) and clean up her desk and work area.  So I went with her and did a few things, among them draw this little doodle.  It’s an odd one, but that’s part of putting it all up here, to document what I’m doing.  We went to go see The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus earlier in the day and thought is was wonderful.  I recommend seeing it if you get a chance.

Her office is in an old building in downtown Oakland, and being up there looking out onto the street reminded me of going to my dad’s office when I was a kid.  His office was on one of the top floors of what is now called The Dime Building in Detroit, maybe the 21st or 22nd floor.  I remember staring out at the city and the street below.  We would sometimes take the large 3 foot wide notepad paper my dad would keep on his desk and we would make paper airplanes out of it and throw it out the window, trying to follow it’s path as it made it’s way down to the ground.  I don’t think we ever thought whether it was going to hit someone or something, we just wanted to watch them fly.  Another favorite activity was spending some time with the copier machine.  Faces, hands, and of course butt cheeks where regularly copied for a brief laugh.  It was always fun to visit dad’s office, though I think after awhile we were bored and ready to go on to the next thing.

So it was nice to be remembered of those memories today, and I also got to do my second daily doodle at the same time.

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