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Still Snowing : Daily Biscuit #38

February 22, 2010

This morning my step dad Larry sent me a few photos of my parents yard in Northville, Michigan that had been covered in 7 inches of fresh snow. It was really beautiful. In stark contrast, here in Berkeley, California there are several types of flowers in bloom, especially cherry blossoms and magnolia trees. And it was also one of the warmest days of the year so far. I didn’t intend to make an image that had anything to do with snow, in fact until I went to name the painting while making this post, did I realized that the white shapes in the background could be snow, so I figured I’d go with naming it “Still Snowing” since it seems to be the case in Michigan. With this one I made a background and then cut out a stencil, which is what the white part of the image comes from. And then I colored in the stencil with the blue/green color to finish it off.  In the collection of John Norman and Rebecca Sokoll – Brooklyn, New York.


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