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A little bit of inspiration

September 28, 2010

On Saturday night, while working on four small paintings that I’ll post later tonight, I listened to a recent interview that Jian Ghomeshi conducted with Neil Young and Daniel Lanois for his show Q on CBC radio.  It was a great interview and inspirational.  I’ve been listening to Q for over a year and have found Jian to be a great interviewer.  And have been a fan of Neil Young and Daniel Lanois since I can remember.  Earlier in the evening I had watched the new documentary on the band Rush, “Rush:Beyond the Lighted Stage”. Their drummer Neil Peart was one of my heroes when I was younger.  I started playing the drums when I was seven, and at about age 13 I started to listen to him and had my teacher write out drum parts for “YYZ” and “Red Barchetta”.  I did my best to play along, and learned a lot from him.  It was a good documentary, anyone who is a fan would enjoy watching it.  So I went to bed inspired by the ideas that they talked about.  I awoke from a dream at about five in the morning that I felt was in part created by hearing the interview.  I don’t remember much about the dream, but I remember that I met Peter Gabriel at some type of album release party and he found out that I play the drums.  So I ended up jamming with him and then going out on a tour with him as his drummer.  I woke wondering why it was that I wasn’t actually on tour with him in real life.  I’m not too sure why I decided to post this, but think that I should post things that inspire me creatively as well as the creations that I myself make.

Neil’s album just came out today, and you can check out some of the videos of the new songs here.

And the same interview I listened to on Saturday night is now available to watch as a video on Qtv.

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