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Four Paintings Of Shedding “The Heart Shield”

September 30, 2010

I recently finished four paintings I made that show different stages of my heart shield opening up. “What is a heart shield?” you might ask. In my case at a very early age my body created a heart shield to protect itself from the conditions of life at the time, to say in a simple way. I’ve noticed that this was probably created with good intentions at the time, but it is no longer needed and over the years I’ve been opening up different layers of this shield and letting them go. It seems like a continual, life-long process to become aware of physical and psychological elements that are in my life and to embrace them, and learn from them, and let go of things that no longer serve me. So here are four paintings showing that process. These were all made with acrylic paint on 100lb bristol fine art paper. They are all mounted on 8″ x 6″ cradled wooden artist board with a 7/8″ depth. The board is painted black and the pieces are protected with 3 layers of satin-finish polyurethane. I’m asking for $155 for each piece (+ $12 shipping & handling).  You can purchase these in my “Available Paintings” section.   Click on each image to enlarge.  

Heart Shield #1

Heart Shield #2

Heart Shield #3

Heart Shield #4 (no longer available)

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