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Endpoint Group Painting Session – November 2010

March 9, 2011

On November 10th, 2010, my friend Michael Saporita and I decided to do one more group painting session before I moved to Seattle.  It was the end point of a series of collaborative painting sessions we did over a year and a half.  The idea of these sessions is to keep it loose and free of expectations, to take turns working on each painting, and of course to have fun. For this particular session, we only worked on two paintings that were done on wooden panels.  Although I’ve recently relocated to Seattle, WA, I hope that Michael and I can continue to make art together in the future.  It really is quite a different experience making art with someone else.  It’s a great exercise to free up your creative process, and you  always end up making something that looks totally different than what you would normally make on your own.  To see more of our group painting sessions, you can do a search on my site for “group painting session”.  Below is a time lapse video of the session and also images of each painting. Click on each image to enlarge. To view other time-lapse painting videos of mine, click here.

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